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First, enter the locate command for your edition of the game in your chat section and press enter. .

DOES THE ANCIENT CITY HAVE A PORTAL? 🤔 This week for the Everything series we are headed deep! In this video we talk about how to find an ancient city, how.

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Learn How To Stop Wardens From Spawning, Where To Find All The Chests/Loot And How To Successfully. 2) Swift Sneak. 22 May 2023 18:14:41.

Jun 1, 2022 · Use Locate Command to Get to Ancient City.

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15K views 7 months ago #ancientcity #minecraft. Minecraft’s “locate” command allows us to find structures and biomes in the game, and well, you can use it to find an Ancient City as well.


Looting the city's chests.

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Listed below are all the loot you can find and the odds of you finding it in the Ancient City for the Java version: Amethyst Shard: 1-15 (23. Will it be worth it to you to brave the warde.


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19 the wild update! If you liked this video,.

. a really cool idea would be to maybe merge the two. It will be a part of the spooky Deep Dark Biome and will have some of the best loot in the entire game.

This one has a massive deep dark biome and ten Ancient Cities with plenty of loot to be found. . 19 version. . .


:D (This flair is irrelevant since Inplay on bedrock) comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment. Web 7 Villages, Abandoned Mineshafts, Biomes Etc Etc.

Minecraft players who discover ancient cities can pick up a lot of niche but handy items when they do.

Want to head into the deep dark and loot an ancient city? This video will show you want you are likely to find.

Ancient Cities are littered with chests containing valuables.


Nine fragments can be combined in a crafting table to make a music disc named "5".