One thing consumers of A&A’s research gobble up every year is the Top 25 Global Freight.


According to the list, there are four international liner companies in the top ten. FreightEX Shipping LLC a ISO 9001:2015 certified, Dubai based International Freight Forwarder , having worldwide agency network,managed by a team of operational expertise since 1983.

This funding slowdown for logistics start-ups was caused in large part by a second-half plummet in activity: first-half funding totaled $9.

5 billion.

6 million tons. 50% Freight forwarding. Top 100 Logistics Companies provide logistics services, including freight brokerage, freight forwarding, warehousing and dedicated contract carriage in North America and are.


Noatum Logistics is a leading company in Supply Chain Management with global coverage, specialized in international transport, project loading, logistics and customs and positioned in the Top 50 freight forwarders worldwide. . Transactions on Freightos Platform continue streak of 13 record quarters, confirming again sustainable marketplace growth flywheel.

Revenue from acquired companies only included for period after close of acquisition. After working on the lists and the supporting report, Evan.


Hellmann Worldwide Logistics: 2,974: 33: Schneider Logistics & Dedicated: 2,650: 34: Sankyu:.

1. The last 18 months have put tremendous pressure on freight forwarders.

Leading air freight forwarders worldwide in 2021, by volume. · Beijing Harmony Shipping & Forwarding Agent.

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Compared with last year, there is no change in the ranking of the top 5 global sea freight forwarders in 2022, which are: Kuehne+Nagel ranked the first, with annual cargo volume of 4. . In Noatum Project Cargo we provide highly specialized logistics.

Oct 24, 2022 · Strategic logistics company in operation for 35 years and providing multi-modal transport and freight forwarding. . . . One thing consumers of A&A’s research gobble up every year is the Top 25 Global Freight.


a leading company in Supply Chain Management and positioned within the top 50 freight forwarders worldwide. According to an undercover survey by Container xChange, for the third year in a row, the percentage of top 50 freight forwarders accepting SOC requests grew from 6% in 2019, 10% in 2020 to 18% in.

The world's leading air freight forwarders in 2021, based on volume (in 1,000 metric tons).

Worldwide Logistics Group China : 707,803.

Freight forwarding is a service industry that involves moving goods around the world on behalf of importers and exporters.

In 2021, Swiss transport and logistics.

9% increase to 2.